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Not meant as an argument. But, seeking additional information via an easy simple question.

to this guy, everything is an argument, especially if you seem even remotely sympathetic to the Preserve.

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So, recognizing that the Climbers Ranch's only neighbors are wildlife, I asked about any issues at the MP's Springfarm facility. A quick look at google maps shows that there are in fact neighbors along Stoke's Way, Lower 27 Knolls Rd, and further out along Mohonk Rd. Granted they are further away and at a lower density. But, they too are neighbors. Something I had presumed you would know, being their "advocate".{/quote]
Chris Ulrich is only an advocate to those willing to stroke his ego and proclaim the Preserve is the ultimate evil.

[quote=Rickster]Or, are these current concerns founded only on the past history of the poorly planned, and poorly managed DEC campground at the MUA?

Probably. And the fact that the Preserve is involved.