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Its my understanding that PIPC owns the campground but the Preserve and the AAC plan to jointly administer it.

Yes, that was pretty much as it was earlier presented. I clarify my point. That is, there has been no recent mention of the AAC's current role. The AAC has a strong record in regard to this type of facility based on their track record with the Climber's Ranch in the Teton's. If they are still going to be involved with the new campground, responsible for onsite management with the MP, then I believe that many of the concerns shared with the local residents will be non-issues. This campground plan is nothing like what existed previously at the MUA.

Regarding possible noise or traffic issues at the new campground's pavilion during such events that the PIPC or MP might hold there, have there been issues with such events held at the Spring Farm pavilion?

Not a very good argument Rick as both the spring farm pavilion and the climbers ranch at the Tetons have No neighbors.......,

Not meant as an argument. But, seeking additional information via an easy simple question.

So, recognizing that the Climbers Ranch's only neighbors are wildlife, I asked about any issues at the MP's Springfarm facility. A quick look at google maps shows that there are in fact neighbors along Stoke's Way, Lower 27 Knolls Rd, and further out along Mohonk Rd. Granted they are further away and at a lower density. But, they too are neighbors. Something I had presumed you would know, being their "advocate".

So, the question remains once again. Have there been (noise or traffic) issues related to the pavilion at Spring Farm?

Or, are these current concerns founded only on the past history of the poorly planned, and poorly managed DEC campground at the MUA?

So it becomes clearer that you really do not know who the neighbors are Rick. Why would the houses on Mohonk Rd care, they were built by the Smiley family and they still reside there. More ridge development by the "preservationists". The house on Upper 27 knolls is also owned by Mohonk and rented out to their staff. If you look at the Slingerland Pavilion PDF rental guidelines online you will notice that they only permit a "maximum of 115 guests from sunrise to sunset and the maximum duration of an event is 6 hrs" and "the event must not conflict with other visitors' use or quiet enjoyment of the resource.....or neighbors' privacy and security" and amplified music is prohibited. One must wonder why they feel the need to put a much more invasive project right in the neighbors back yard on 299?

Thanks, MPNA
The MPNA is an advocacy group for adjacent neighbors of the Mohonk Preserve. In the event of a dispute with the Mohonk Preserve, we can offer assistance in obtaining experts in the following areas; Surveying, Lawyers, Title, expert witnesses, ancient document research, and Maps.