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Cfrac, the mohonk preserve is not the same as the landowners that own Lantern hill or Farley ledge and other private lands that are free and currently open to the public. We fully support Private landowners who allow access to their private property. We don't support many of the tactics that the Mohonk Preserve uses to acquire land. We are currently working on a tri state land access database that we think will be good for all landowners. It involves a partnership of land that is currently closed with land that is currently open and will be similar to Stopken.org except on a larger scale. The basic idea is that if you trespass on closed land you are then banned from all participating open lands as well. No one likes trespassers, even the Mohonk Preserve. As far as not liking anything about the Mohonk Preserve, nothing could be further from the truth. We look forward to the day when they can coexist in peace with all of their neighbors.

Thanks, MPNA

Here is a question that the MPNA/Advocacy Group refuses to answer. Why do you post as different people? Why all the obfuscation? The person quoted above sounds like the person who previously posted as Kent whereas the person who posted "Read your own links Jackass" sounds like the original Advocacy Group poster.
I participate in several different outdoors forums and one science forum and I have never encountered "multiple posters" for the same account. Honestly, it comes across as very creepy and as time goes on it becomes more transparent. I realize neither of you will answer me, but why not support your cause by posting as individuals and developing an online personality that doesn't seem so schizophrenic?