Unless the universe is conspiring to tell me that I'm fat, I need to reevaluate my choice of climbing pants.

I've always climbed in my everyday clothes (think Gap jeans), on the thinking that it's my actual skill level holding me back, not my clothes or equipment. But between seat wear from my bicycle commute and a few high feet, I seriously opened up a pair of jeans on Bloody Mary. (A perfect opportunity for doing Shockley's, I'm told, but I'd just done it for the first time the day before.)

So: what should I wear? I need the room to move for wide/high feet and a full leg to protect from bugs and scrapes. Breathability is a plus. And it wouldn't hurt to look good/be wearable everyday. (This is what has kept me back from most "hiking" or "outdoors" pants. That and I'm cheap/poor, so having special purpose pants just isn't a great option.)

Should I suck it up and wear whatever EMS/REI/Rock and Snow sell? Should I get jeans that aren't pre-broken in, like Carhartts? Should climb in the nude and just try to ignore the black flies? Are there other options that I'm missing?