It's astonishing to me that Gunks Climbing Coalition/Access fund has had zero impact and input on this project. Illustrates their unfortunate irrelevance.

Also that American Alpine Club has been in zero communication with Gunks climbers about its involvement. Quite arrogant and wrong-headed, in my view.

Astonishing that discussion on this site has mainly revolved around concern of a few residents that attractions of Gunks may impact their privacy rights. One might think discussion here would instead be about the interests of climbers.

I am opposed to the AAC/Mohonk campground because its primary goal to is shut down free camping at MUA, a place that I like very much, and that could be expanded and made sustainable through simple, but deliberately ignored expedient of a rough parking lot.

Its supposed "problems" have never been studied, quantified or documented in any way that might justify its closing. I don't believe they are significant.

On less than 20 out of 365 days a year, is a bit crowded at MUA. But is free, and you can always stay there. AAC campground will be mostly closed during the year, and mostly, space will not be available.

So how is this an improvement?

I was banned from this site for insisting on these questions a year ago, and I am sure they are of little interest now.

I suggest the AAC/Mohonk campground at least redeem itself by offering weekly rock/rap concerts, heavily promoted on billboards throughout the region, during the few months it will be open annually.