My point was that the AAC did make it's plans known. Since then the other partners took over the process of developing this project.

Why wouldn't "community" include a half dozen small property owners. Would it be better if they were large property owners. I don't agree with their fears of what may happen at the new facility when it comes about, but they do have a stake in this as members of the community.

You've used the term 50,000 "climber days" per season. I am not sure what that has to do with what makes up a community.

Have you some info regarding the dates of the new campground's season? I've not seen it posted or printed. What exactly is this short season?

Do you also mean that the "GCC guy" or maybe the "stake holders" are "wanna-be state representatives"? Even if that were so, what does it matter?

You certainly seem terribly disgruntled that you were not involved in this process. That's unfortunate, I wasn't involved either, so were a lot of other folks. I beleave many are good with that. Unfortunately, it seems now that there are more than a few on both sides of the argument that feel left out of the loop.