Anyone have any suggestions? Favorites? I've biked in the area a few times and plan to ride more in the next few months and want to try the hardest and best climbs around.

Route 44/55 from 209 was pretty good with around 5 miles of climbing. Mountain Rest Rd up to the Mohonk Gate House was good too - steeper, but only a bit over two miles.

Any other suggestions? The harder, the better! I'm checking out roads on to get ideas, but it is hard to tell if the roads are open to the public, dirt/gravel, or unusable for some other reason. It looks like Ice Cave Road from Ellenville might be a short, steep candidate, but I can't find info if it goes onto private/park land. Mountain Road / Old Mountain Road by Spring Glen? Something by Wurstboro?

If you have any suggestions, or feedback on the status of roads above, please let me know!