I have a friend who purchases things "in quantity". Can't tell you why, but he does. He just told me this last Wed. as we left the gym.

He had bought three Patagonia Super Alpine jackets not for long after they were first introduced, 80s or 90s. He was looking at them recently and realized that there were beginning to delaminate. He sent them back. A couple of weeks later he received a package from them with three brand new current model Super Alpine jackets, $1800 dollars worth at list price. He was flabbergasted. There had been no other communication and no signature, just an $1800 box left by UPS.

Another recent story. I had wanted to check out the DMM Chicane when they were announced, but I never got around to buying one. When I finally tried to mail order one, they were out of stock (though still listed) at the usual places and may have been discontinued. A few weeks ago I saw him in the gym and noticed he was using a belay device I didn't immediately recognize. Only took me a few seconds though to realize that is was a Chicane. I related to him I had wanted but couldn't find one. His anwer? Take this one I have six! I insisted on paying for it.