I spoke to Mr. Powerz (that be) of AAC several years ago, and asked that AAC refrain from participating unless AAC could assure their efforts NOT result on closing of MUA.

Today the official written plan to close MUA to camping is tied directly to AAC efforts. So we certainly can blame the American Alpine Club.

While I, too, was unhappy when I realized the new c/g would close Slime(yes) and MUA, I also realized that in the years previous people had been all over this board bitching about why can't we have a better campground. I, too, thought "People will be sorry - they might get what they wished for, but without realizing at what cost."

I also recall people coming on this site years ago saying "Hey! We have to save the MUA!" Only that's all they would do! Talk is cheap. Saying "We" when what one really means is "You"(and not even knowing who that you they are referring to is) is worse than complacency.

Perhaps I am reading your intent incorrectly, but it seems you tie your particular request(not to close MUA) with the outcome. It might be that your note was read and perhaps then forgotten about. Did you receive a response acknowledging the statement about closing MUA? If not, I don't see that it is accurate to consider that request as being tied in with AAC actions. It's sort of similar as if I wrote a note asking that hot dogs and soda be sold at the c/g, and then being mad that there were no hot dogs and sodas for sale.

...notably ineffectual local affiliate, the Gunks Climbing Coalition..

You are entitled to your opinion, but I think it is unfair. I think the CGG *could* do a better job at communicating the myriad of actions they take on our behalf, but I also realize that these people are volunteering generously of their time, and that there is only so many hours in a day.

I was speaking to the secretery of the CGG during the recent volunteer day at Minnewaska, where we worked on the access road to a new section of cliff that will be opened to climbing. She and others were discussing the absurd amount of effort that had gone into getting to this point - participating in all sorts of surveys on impact and other issues, meetings with so many officials, and so much more. She said something about "If only people knew how much has gone into this, for this one small advancement..."

And that is what it is - ONE advancement. Not the ONLY thing they have been working on. Recall the GCC was integral in the Rosendale Water Works section. They also have hosted gundraisers which donate to the Gardiner Volunteer Firemen, who come to our aid whenever someone is injured and support for the evac is required. The fundraisers have purchased gear for the Rescue caches at the preserve too.

Anyone saying the GCC is ineffectual ought the be attending a few of their monthly meetings before making that assertation. That, of course, is only my opinion, but I have sat in on a few, and can say that I have absolutely seen that they are very involved and working for positive progress in this region.

It may very well be that the GCC has priorities that are not the same as some of our own, but again - if not at the meetings asking "what about such and such?" - then how can they consider that such and such even should be on their radar?