Myself, I wear specialized pants. Its a bitch for me to find jeans that fit (28" waist x 34" inseam), so when I find them I am not wasting them climbing since they get trashed SO fast.

Myself, I wear three pants for climbing outside (and I climb between 1-3x/week outside year round)

Patagonia Guide Rock Pants: they actually make them small enough for me, and they are BOMBER. I've worn them for 3 or 4 years now, constantly. They look absolutely brand new although they have been through offwidths, scumming into corners,....You name it, they've been through just about everything, from working routes a couple hundred feet off the deck in the snow, to when its 90F and I'm looking for the shade.

TNF V10 pants (which you can't buy anymore, I don't think): I usually only wear them when its hotter. Its nice that they are pretty lightweight fabric and the pants legs roll up and can be buttoned into place. Prettyt damn tough also.

Black Diamond Rock Pants (probaby 12years old and have been everywhere to working routes in the desert to climbing in Yosemite to approaches and climbing in Peru and Nepal). I think they will probably go another 10 years.

I figure these pants will probably last 5-20years, which in the long run makes them pretty damn cheap, especially since if I am doing routes with sections of offwidths, most pants get trashed REALLY fast.

Now there is that pink sheer tutu I've been looking at (SERIOUSLY)....

As for Patagonia's warranty. They have ALWAYS stood behind there stuff I've sent back (usually just a result of abuse that could be defined as excessive). I pay for shipping, they fix the stuff.

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