The AMC, MP, DEC, AAC, GCCC, Access Fund, PIPC, Friends of the Shawangunks and the Town of Gardiner have all had a hand in these developments. It's really no surprise that there is confusion as to how it came about, or the way it has been recieved by various groups or individuals.

You are most likely correct about how many particpants here have used or currently us the MUA. I've lived 20 minutes from the cliffs for nearly 30 years, and even closer some years before that so have no need to campout. And, before that, NP dorms, or the back of my truck on the old Wawarsing Turnpike.

However, you've read some posts above from individuals that were indeed informed and some that have been certainly curious.

I believe that if your tone had been less "agitated", this discussion would not have degraded.