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I love the AAC campground plan.

Free camping in Gunks, with its history extending back to the beginning, will soon be gone forever.

This is a done deal.

We must be clear: ACC and Mohonk is instrumental in this development, which GCC/Access Fund chose to support.

I made my views known to AAC, GCC DEC and Access Fund in a fairly calm and reasoned manner through personal telephone conversations.

I'm expressing myself on this board in a far more agitated manner, but obviously my underlying point of view is considered merely weird.

I suspect this is at least in part because the half-dozen regulars here don't use the MUA at all, and essentially aren't knowledgeable or even curious.

My posts here are therefore, fairly pointless.

Yeah, pretty much. Me me me me me! You act like a pampered child who firmly believes that free camping in the Gunks is a god-given right. It isn't - it's mostly private land with a little bit of state owned (the MUA - which wasn't really used, certainly not as a campground, until the late 80's), so sack up - it's the landowners who get to decide, not you.

I'm trying to think of what other major climbing destinations in the US have free camping.....