No, my own rules apply to me too; they apply to me as standing corrected. I guess in a way you could be asking would I do it again. And I suppose I would say yes. The risk was very limited. But does this mean that my rule does not apply to me because I break it?, that it is not foolish and dangerous for me to take minors rock-climbing? That's the point. You tell me, what do you think?

However, I do think you can make yourself out to be less stupid and less dangerous when you decide to get your children on a rope more than 3' off the ground. How do you make yourself to be anything other than only less stupid and a less irresponsible? God forbid, if something happens, do you think there is anything you can say in your defense? Isn't that the point? What could you say?, nothing.

Is it possible I would have taken my son up to that cliff and a rock would land on his head in Mokuleia today? Probably not very likely. Why? First of all, I would never let a guide take him, as was the case in Mokuleia. Second, I would not let him stand under other people. Third, he would have a helmet on so I would have less to worry about, as he always did have a helmet. Fourth, I would have gone up to the top and removed all the loose rock first while someone else was on the ground with a walkie-talkie to make sure it is safe. That's what we did at Millbrook. Fifth, I hate crowds. Sixth, I would not want my son falling on cliffs, it would be better for him and me that he was spending most of his time falling on video games, and that is just what happened, for the most part. Now he is addicted to video games. He spent a lot of time on Call Of Duty.
The Mohonk Mountain House and the Mohonk Preserve have done a great job protecting the environment thus far, but ... it's all down hill from here