At freshkills park goats take a bite out of an invasive species:

New York City's Parks Department is hoping an invasive marsh grass on Staten Island is no match for the insatiable appetites of 20 Anglo-Nubians.
Those are goats, just to be clear.
The four-legged lawnmowers were deployed last week along the shore of wetlands in what will be Freshkills Park, where non-native marsh grasses called phragmites have forced out native grasses like spartina, hurting the local ecosystem.
Park administrator Eloise Hirsh said the goats fit in with the eco-friendly mission of the park, which is being built atop a former landfill.
"Everything that we build on the site is going to express sustainability," she said. "We're going to have composting toilets and wind-powered comfort stations and geothermal heated buildings."
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