Fun stuff up there !

Excited no, Obama lost the excitement he might have enjoyed if things had been very very different. I dont feel the he pushed strongly for many things I believe he feels strongly about, and I dont feel that he used the bully pulpit as I thought he might. That would have been exciting - for everyone! The interesting thing is that Im not sure he has not gotten more accomplished picking his battles very wisely as he has done and only occasionally only using his voice and authority when it will actually make a difference.

Do I think hes made mistakes or done things I wish he hadnt? Sure. So hes not perfect. I dont know anyone who is.

You want to start with taxes? I live very comfortably, and I am very very grateful for it even though I work quite hard. I dont mind paying my share of taxes, and Ill happily pay more if it will solve problems. I dont like to see funds wasted, but I dont feel waste means begrudging others a good job.

I believe that there are many ungreatful people idiots in the world and many ungreatful people too. Contradictory beliefs irk me. No surprise there!

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