BTW, I had lots of fun riding out there. There are some good climbs around Ellenville, particularly up Cragsmoor (via Rt 52/S Gully/Sam's Point/Laurel Mtn). Laurel Mountain road is just a little cul de sac with a decent view. It is 5 miles bottom to top at ~6.8% average (though it is not a terribly consistent climb - there are rest sections and steeper bits). The descent on 52 has a really nice view and a pretty good shoulder.

It also looks like there are also a lot of nice climbs North of Ashokan and Rondout Reservoirs. This is starting to get a little far for me to ride to and back from the Gunks, but I'd like to drive out to and try.

FWIW, I found a lot of good candidates using