Add to all that ... I can't even upload to the Gallery. Apparently I have exceeded my limit by 7Mbytes without uploading a single photo.

I can well understand and sympathize with Evan's thankless job creating and maintaining this site. A discussion thread that is dedicated and open to photos would be great. But if a Photo Gallery is more optimal for keeping the site in working order, I'm totally down with that. I'd be happy to make posts with tags to the photos in the Gallery. But for me, two problems. Okay, three. One, as Marc detailed, it is a bit of work. Two, I can't load photos to the Gallery. Three, the Image UBB tag will not work for me. (I originally tried using it to post the Power Wall photo and I couldn't get it to take no matter what.)

The easiest solution is for people to upload a photo, and then post in the appropriate thread that they placed a new photo in the gallery and then people can click their own way over. This makes it easier on the person submitting photos and it keeps all the photos in a centralized, easily accessed area. Though it may cut down on the number of people willing to spend the extra time navigating over to the photo.

If the UBB image tag could work ... and if it was easy to create ... that would be the best of both worlds. But we don't seem to have that ease of use yet.