The Salethe. I read that it is 20 degrees cooler on the wall after you get up a ways. I would have to agree with that. On the decent AS SOON as the sun popped over half dome we were getting baked like bacon. There is a big difference. Mostly we were wearing something because it was cool in the morning and we were too lazy to take off this or that in the afternoon. Eventually it would come off because it would get too hot, unless it was very windy. Joshua got cold at night and I had to zip up my 20 degree bag.

Next time will be a lot quicker by the fact that we will have less weight. We should have less climbing gear, a little less clothing, 10 gallons less water [10 to take to be safe], less lounging around, as well as that we will be better big wall wired.

While we were on it some other two guys did it in less than 24 hours. After the 200' 5.10 offwidth the one guy had more trouble than Josh did on the pitch above the spire. Although he was muscle bound full of endurance, and built like an ox.

The crux was BY FAR the decent. We had around 200 pounds of gear. It helps to have the decent wired too. If you are coming down after 1:00 PM making round trips back up it may take you till after dark to get to the ledges rappel.
The Mohonk Mountain House and the Mohonk Preserve have done a great job protecting the environment thus far, but ... it's all down hill from here