I guess there is a point to your quest, but almost the entire joy of road tripping is to climb in places and on rock types that are unlike the 'home crag'. Unless you're compiling a list of places to avoid.

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Well, you have to discount the protection aspect. Most of the Gunks-like areas I mentioned unfortunately are mostly bolted.
Red Rocks does not feel like Gunks climbing to me, in spite of the fact that many holds are flake buckets (similiar to routes in City of Rocks).
Owens Gorge does feel like Gunks climbing; steep, all horizontal holds, handhold intensive, unfortunately all bolts.
I have climbed at Courtright Resevoir. The runouts were indeed interesting but its not the Gunks. Slabby footwork intensive face climbing. Not steep dramatic handhold moves like Owens Gorge.
Lover's Leap gets consideration just because of its horizontal dikes (similiar to Blackleaf Canyon).
Overall, the rock most similiar to the Gunks out West is probably Uinta Rocks. But perhaps the most fun for a Gunks climber would be Maple Canyon.