But. per Retro, I still fail to see how a bolted conglomerate sport area like Maple should be "most fun for a Gunks climber" except in Opposite World. Surely the thing that's most fun for a Gunks climber is the one that's most fun, as it were.

And another issue, given that you can pretty much spit from Epinephrine to Prince of Darkness, for example, and the two climbs couldn't be more different, the generalizations about areas are largely pointless.

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Nobody likes road tripping as much as me. It's a special pleasure sampling the "feel" and type of climbing at new areas. It keeps me from getting jaded.
Yet I've always had a fondness for Gunks climbing. Its often a mystery to Westerners. With so many new areas available I take special interest in any that resemble that type of Gunks climbing.
Example: I've climbed a variety of popular desert towers. One of the ones I enjoyed the most was mainly Gunks climbing; exposed, dramatic moves on horizontal holds (mostly bolts).
Psycho Tower 5.9+