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Yes, generalizatins are basically pointless. But similiarities do exist. I did say that generally Red Rocks did not feel like Gunks climbing to me. Yet there are climbs there, with those desert patina handholds on steep rock, that do have a Gunks-like feel to the climbing. Most of the places I mentioned have that conundrum; quite obviously not the Gunks and yet with some of the climbing having the dramatic handhold intensive feel of many Gunks routes.

As far as Maple Canyon goes; yes it does not look at all like the Gunks, no horizontal strata and all bolts (you need to discout that). But the climbing is all steep, dramatic handhold intensive moves at all grades (like the Gunks). Not buckets but cobbles. And the camping and scene there is not bad, although you won't be happy with the culinary options in the nearby towns compared to New Paltz! I stick with my recommendation; the most "Gunky fun" out West may be Maple Canyon.

You keep mentioning "handhold intensive moves" (whatever the hell that is) and face climbing yet perhaps the single most unique thing about Gunks climbing is the number of overhangs, ceilings, and roofs at all grades, which you fail to mention.

Maple is like bolted on holds at a gym and in one sense, the climbs there take on a monotonous sameness after a while. Of all the areas mentioned in this thread, it is perhaps the least Gunks-like; in style, feel, exposure, scene, and pretty much everything else. Except maybe weekend crowds.