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My experience with Microsoft Word is that the truncation problem yet persists.

That's because there are, for example, two different kinds of dashes in MS Word. You have to search and, especially, replace with the right kind. Look up the difference in the en dash vs the em dash in MS Word.
For starters: http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/msoffice/four-ways-to-insert-an-em-dash-in-a-word-document/2721
I have typed text into a post here, copied it into Microsoft Word to spell/grammar check it, then copied it back into the post box with the above-mentioned truncations as a result.

That's because MS Word converts the dash you type here to an em-dash, which causes either the page code or database here that stores the posts to gag when you paste it back into a post. I've even encountered the inability to paste from one post to another on this site without hitting the special character truncation bug.