i aid just about everything in rock shoes. the only times i don't is if there is no possible chance i'll free anything on the pitch or if i am on something really hard that will take me longer than 2 hours to lead. with the rock shoes on i can easily switch to free climbing and it makes me go faster so i can get out of them. on that lead, there was a very heads up tension traverse near the top on 00 tcu's, black aliens, and #1-2 lowe balls. the rock shoes made it way easier to stay off the mank gear as much as i could. the last pitch that i ended up having to bail on had terrifying 5.9 R free climbing after an aid move off a bolt with a backbreaker ledge below. glad i had the free shoes for both pitches.

i definitely had to grow my rack a bit when i started climbing in the desert. god help the world's aluminum reserves if d-elvis were to start climbing out here.
This isn't an office. It's Hell with fluorescent lighting.