For a local climber, is it even worth picking up this book? I mostly climb routes, so the assorted boulder problems at the Gunks are a complete mystery to me. I'm pretty weak sauce when it comes to bouldering, so I think I'm too weak/embarrassed to join up with some of the local boulderers and learn the generally lay of the land. I'm just looking for a little guidance toward the V0/V1 problems I can project, preferably away from where others can pass by and laugh as I struggle on their toddler's warm-up problem. Is this book worth the cash outlay, or should I just glean info from mountainproj since 95% of the problems in the book are beyond what I ever hope to be worthy enough to scrub the chalk off of?
"In the 60's sex was safe and climbing was dangerous. Now its the other way around." -Chuck Pratt