Also have to say the hiking is pretty good with amazing finds in out of the way places. If you hike up Secret Canyon (off of Dry Creek Road where the climb Mars Attacks is), into HS Canyon to where the trail ends and a little bit past it. If you hike up to the right to the cliff band and then find a route up onto a narrow naturally occurring path in the cliff band (about 100ft off the ground) you will find some INdian Ruins built into the cliffs. I DOUBT ANYONE goes to these ruins, since you only see them from the 2 or 3rd pitch belay of Golden Spike, which is a 5.11d very physical route (mostly wide cracks).

There is also a few arches some worth checking out, some not (Devils Bridge is not).

If mountain biking is one of your things, you can rent bikes in Sedona, and it has REALLY good mountain biking. Not as good as Moab (because of the Red Rock National Forest District rules), but still very good.

If you want to do a long day and if its been warm (ie: not snowing yet in Flagstaff)there is a good canyon which is a LONG days hike, but it involves some swimming (hence the need for it to be warm).

If anythink sounds good drop me a line (928-380-9388). I can get you reliable beta (either first hand or from friends who guide in the area)