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One of the interesting things I hope Chris learns from the Appalachia article is how Fritz got back down from the top of Old Route. The round-trip must have been an interesting undertaking.

So the first traverse of Death Ledge pre-dates Millbrooks FA!

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highly interesting post RG... and yes I meant to say Old Route! still hoping to do it someday without getting lost... cfrac, I can't wait for your book.

Can't promise a book, for now the history will be recorded on thewhitecliff.com, perhaps an article or guidebook will result from this work, but in the meantime everything will be provided free on the site.

A question: Fritz mentions the Old Route as "...190 vertical feet of enjoyable, interesting climbing, grade 4 to 5." Was he using the YDS and referring to 5.4 and 5.5 or was he using the UIAA IV/V, or something else? I'm guessing it was the latter since the use of YDS despite being developed in the 1930's probably hadn't taken hold yet in the East. So, does anyone know?