There were a few mentions made recently about the angle pitons made and placed by John Stannard.


1. The material was 1/8 inch sheet steel – donated, of course. The blanks for each piton were cut out using a band saw.
2. After the blanks were made, each one was placed in a bench vise and hammered over: this formed the angle. A hole was drilled - for the carabiner, obviously - and another hole was drilled for a rivet, if the piton one of the larger sizes.
3. A local garage (guess where) electroplated them with cadmium. That is why they don't rust.
4. A few samples were tested in a tensile machine. (Now, who would have easy access to something like that?) They were, according to the source, "radically strong."
5. Each was painted battleship gray. It was hoped this would make them unobtrusive and (this is my guess) plain enough to discourage pilfering.
6. In 1972 this all became an echo of the past.
7. More importantly: What was the boss doing when all this was going on?