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Its shame, but if you live away from the Gunks, it's clear that the local communities (with an exception of NP) do not want you or your money here.

Hi Mike.

Respectful organizations and people are very welcome. Disrespectful organizations and people are not. The MP and many of their members have unfortunately been very disrespectful over the years, and so are not welcomed by many.

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Why has no one proposed building it on the existing MUA footprint?

Or for that matter, why don't they build it elsewhere on the MP's 7000 acres of land? It seems they don't want any development anywhere else on their land and so better to put the campground development in amongst other development, no matter how incompatible it may be with the neighborhood. And relationships with those neighbors be damned.

As for whether or not it will be built, at this point I think it will be. The planning board presentation is informational only. The PIPC is invoking their sovereign authority and ignoring all local zoning laws, or whichever ones they want to anyway. The town can file suit to challenge that but has no money to do so, nor is the political will on the town board sufficient to do so.

PIPC is putting campground construction out to bid and it will be built. And it will possibly be another perennial point of conflict between the MP and their neighbors. It will be yet another example of the MP's bullying tactics.