Yup. I'll just confirm what I mentioned before. The first time I went into Millbrook was in 1966 and the tradition was to simply walk in from the bottom. The tradition was to do an "easy" climb first and we just followed the practice at the time, which was to avoid the lower tier and head to the traverse ledge to start the routes. Later, as we grew more ambitious, the first ascent parties routinely avoided the lower tier entirely, but not due to any issues over landowners. It was simply because there was too much good rock to climb on the upper part, and no reason to forge through lichen, loose blocks, and dirt on the lower angled lower tier. A similar situation was felt about the Bayards--and I believe that caused a discrimination against the Bayards as being dirty and filfthy--to be avoided. But like any area, I wouldn't rule out that 40 years later, there might be good rock worth exploring on the lower Millbrook tier!