Hi, we are Chris & Kristina, and we love the gunks and go just about every weekend for the last 5 or so years.
We had an unfortunate break into our vehicle, in Brooklyn NOT the gunks. and ALL of our climbing gear was stolen which was in our two packs...
Mammut Genesis 8.5 old model (orange/blue) red metolius rope bag
Black Diamond cams double of all sizes
Black Diamond Oz and Hotwire carabiners 20-25?
Slings, atc's, grigri, ascender, various other locking carabiners all on a green metolious gear sling.
most cams had my initials CP on them with black marker, but may have worn off slightly.
Our packs EMS Summit TL and Mammut Trea Guide Women's were taken with all of this in it, including our stinky climbing shoes...
some other stuff I'm sure, if anyone gets wind of these things for sale please let me know...
and any climbers out there looking to climbing with a couple, we would love to. It took 6 years to build up that rack... we'll see how long it takes to do it again.
Thanks climbers!
Chris & Kristina