I have had a permanent smile on my face for the last two days, and the reason is that I finally hopped on the Dangler.

It doesn't matter whether it is really a 5.10 or a 5.8. Maybe it's a V0 in the sky. The grade is unimportant.

I reject, too, the notion that it is contrived. To the contrary, it is a perfect little line, with a natural crack, great heel hooks and marvelous exposure.

And who cares if it is short? Even if it is only about three moves, they are high quality moves of a kind you don't often find in the Gunks. Lots of great Gunks climbs have cruxes that are just as short.

The important thing to know about the Dangler is that it is good fun! It is a blast. I totally ripped up the skin on the back of my right leg and I don't care because I had a great time doing it.

So there.
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