Interesting. Time was when WR would have been flamed to a cinder, or at least thwown to the gwound woughly for asking for specific beta before even trying. Responses such as "If you have to ask", or just "Harden the fuck up, Australia" come to mind.

But here we have a good thread of helpful responses. I'm almost tearing up.

So, concur with Rob. A red Alien/0.5 cam is handy down low, once you pull up into the crack there is a perfect small nut placement. With that in I don't bother with Rob's cam in the shallow slot, though if you need to sew then blast ahead. Your second may thank you for it as well. I find that the key move is getting my feet up onto the small holds to get set up for the reach left. Once you stand up its all over as the handholds for the traverse are huge and the pin is OK. Pull gratefully onto the ledge. The exit moves aren't a gimme but a piece of cake after the crack.

Have fun. Let us know how it goes. And harden the fuck up.