Hrm. I avoided ... getting back into ANAM? Though it was nice of them to publish my ramblings.

2012 wasn't my best year climbing but I did get back out. The first day we got out, a weekday in March, I hobbled down to the Ufall and managed to follow Bunny, Rhododendron and Frog's Head (and rappeled, without Xanax, though it was a close call. I think I had 4 backups while getting on rappel).

The rest of the year was lots of ups and downs, gladly none directly to the ground. I'm still so easily exhausted, but I can make it through an almost-normal number of pitches in a day by now and I seem to be about as flexible as ever. Sadly, either I'm a bit shorter or Snooky's is a bit taller, and now that crux move is just out of my reach frown.

It felt like an accomplishment to get to where I could confidently follow Something Interesting -- I don't like to fall out of sight of a belayer there. I got back up on the sharp end, with Ribs at first, which is not as well-protected as I remember it, and eventually Fingerlocks which is as well-protected as I remembered, and Jackie.

Next year it would be great to climb more. That is all!