This has been circulating on the internet for a while now. For those who only read this site, a week ago John decked hard at the Rockreation Gym in LA as a result, he says, of failing to finish his knot. He suffered an open compound fracture of his left tib/fib/ankle.

This is a very nasty injury that will require multiple operations (some already performed) and a very long and arduous period of physical therapy and rehab activities.

Some of John's friends started a fund to help him with some of the out-of-pocket expenses he's facing. Even with insurance, this is going to be a very costly affair.

The fund is at .

Other friends are discussing a Spring fund-raising event in CA.

Although info is flying around everywhere, the two authoritative threads are on Super Topo,

and .

If you read them you'll encounter the usual internet static; caveat lector. Just make sure to read to the end of the threads, because the information has changed over time.