Update from John:
To all my friends:

Hi everyone. Sorry to have lagged on responding but I'm still having procedures done and that is taking all of my time and energy. Should be done soon.

As you might know, when I was still out of it entirely, my friends Krista and Chris set up a fund and while their intentions are strictly honorable, some confusion arose from those who I work with who know that I am NOT in a financial crisis at this time. Perhaps that time will come - I've worked and saved for years but this is likely a near million dollar injury cha cha cha.

Anyway, because this is quickly turning into a situation that is over my head, impossible to orchestrate from this bed, my original climbing and high school friend Eric (Ricky) Accomazzo (my attorney) is from now on handling all affairs related to funraisers, me, etc. Rick Accomazzo is not only a much celebrated climber, but also trusted person in the outdoor industry and long-time advocate of the ACCESS FUND. Krista and Rick have talked so the transition to Rick having power of attorney over my affairs is now a plain fact understood by all.

That much said, I very much appreciate what Krista and Chris did while I was in surgery and the many kind responses. But this is a complicated business and I am glad to have my childhood friend and original Stonemaster Rock Accomazzo now in charge.


John Long