Thanks for starting the thread. I always like hearing about everyone else's exploits, I like the opportunity to think back on the year I had, and also think about the year to come.

My biggest goals for this last year were to avoid further injuries, and do something about my nagging back troubles. I'd say I succeeded reasonably well on both counts. My back is still troublesome, but as long as I keep up my exercises, it's not bad enough to keep me from climbing.

Beyond that, my big goal was to climb the Nose on El Cap. Well I gave it a good try, but my partner and I only made it halfway up. Very disappointing but it was still super fun. And I'd like to try again soon, before I forget everything I learned.

Beyond that, a few highlights.

I got out maybe 60-70 days this year - not bad.

Finally sent Quarter of a Man at Indian Creek, on my third attempt in as many years. I actually built a little crack machine in my garage to prepare for this one!

A few other favorite climbs I got on this year: Excuse Station, Comic Relief, Johnny Cat, Slot Machine, and Desert Vuarnet (Indian Creek); Wunsch's Dihedral (S. Platte); Exasperator and University Wall (Squamish); The Bends (Devil's Head)

And I got to visit some new to me areas: Squamish, Vedauwoo, Empire (CO), Lime Creek (CO), El Rito (NM).

Goals for next year? So much depends on my partners. We'll see.

But I have set a birthday challenge. I turn 43 this year, and I hope to have sent 43 5.12 routes (lifetime, not just this year) by my birthday. So far, lifetime, I'm a little over halfway there. So there's a good chance I will fail, but... we shall see.