A tough year for me. I ruptured my ACL and tore up parts of the menisci on a very short jump in the gym at the end of last January. I think a squishy pad was actually the reason for the injury; it allowed my ankle to roll inward, leading to an unfavorable displacement of the knee.

An operation and lots of rehab have followed. After about seven months, I got back on the rock a few times at the end of the summer, getting back to leading around 5.8. Although the repaired knee works pretty well for climbing, it still doesn't stand up to impacts, and so running and jumping rope are still not possible for me, and even a short jump off something seems inadvisable.

The Fall turned out to be too busy for me to climb much except in the gym. The seven-month layoff for my hands led to a decline in hand endurance which, at my advanced age, has turned out to be very hard to build back up, and at the ten-month mark since the operation, I am still projecting many of the 5.10's in the gym because of diminished endurance.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you. Life is good, and the climbing mindset has everything to do with dealing with what is. Barring more complications, there's a chance I can be back to my former still-modest climbing levels by the Spring.