The fund has been cashed out and turned over to John. Whether or not there will be future support efforts is up in the air. Here is the latest update as of December 14:

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Spoke to John this morning. Here is what is happening:

John is having surgery today, apparently the last one. The leg appears to be healing properly and he is looking forward to getting out of the hospital in a week or so.

I am going to sit down with John after he gets out of the hospital and evaluate with him the need for future fundraising efforts. If there is a need and John wants us to go ahead, we will then make plans for a coordinated and robust fundraiser. We will announce it on this thread and start a new one at that time.

John wanted to thank Krista again for the "chip in" fundraising effort. She is going to deliver proceeds to him today. These funds will be used to defray the costs of his daughter's travel expenses and for other incidentals during his hospital stay. As of today, John wants the interim, "chip in' fundraising effort shut down.

To all those who have contributed money, offered thoughts and prayers, and suggested ideas for fundraising, John thanks you. To all who want to help John, please hold those thoughts until we evaluate the need and then announce a fundraising goal to fill that need.

The outpouring of good will from this community is palpable and heart warming. John is very moved by this and appreciates it greatly.

Rick Accomazzo