This year was pretty good. Ill break it down with the BAD first;

1) My endurance has really been lacking, it was shot after a year abroad (no climbing) and I have mostly bouldered around home and inconsistently gotten on trad routes since.
2) I straight up did not climb enough, no regular gym routine to train, etc.

Ok the GOOD =)

1) I sent New Pair of Glasses! Best boulder problem I've ever done in my life and my first of the grade at the gunks. Took about 4 days of effort. I was so unbelievably pumped on the topout (see #1 bad above). I guess I retained a good amount of technique and even gained some to compensate for my weak arms.
2) I redpointed birdcage. Blew the onsight a few weeks earlier (see #1 and #2 bad above), made it through the crux traverse just fine but couldn't hang on to pull over the roof, took a nice lob and then finished it.
3) Had a productive trip to the new! Followed some 11s and had a spectacular day deep water soloing! (best climbing trip ever?)
4) I also sent my longtime home area bouldering project from the low (best) start and have it dialed now. Got some cool footage of it over thanksgiving, so I have some inspiration saved for the long winter ahead.

Overall a solid year, heres hoping that 2013 will be even better. My Goals;

1) Climb el cap again (lol... maybe)
2) Lead the yellow wall (lololol yeah right)... maybe carbs and caffein will go.
3) Finally lead the sting without one hanging it (reconsult #1 bad above).
4) If I manage to keep getting up gunks 5.9 on the sharp end I'll be a happy camper.

Congrats to everyone else on their accomplishments and good luck next season!
- Will