This year turned out well, but unfolded differently than I had planned.

I planned to break in to leading 5.7s this year, and hoped to lead CCK by the end of the season. I did manage to lead 5.7, but CCK remains on the ticklist. I did, however, manage to break into 5.8s, which were not on the radar! I had great outings on Arrow and Snooky's Return, among a smattering of other easy, well-protected 5.8s.

I had hoped to get back to Seneca this year, but those plans were thwarted by a family emergency. I did get down to El Potrero Chico, which was great! The only place in the world where I can onsight 5.10b. laugh I also got to go to the Daks for the first time this year. Had a great day at Pitchoff on Great Chimney and Pete's Farewell, even if P2 of Pete's was a LOT of work.

I am still working on my vertical crack technique. Jamming seems like it should be intuitive, but for some reason, it's bloody hard!! I feel pretty confident with the occasional fingerlock or foot jam, but sustained jamming tends to shut me down. Maybe I should plan a visit to the Creek next year?

I had hoped to break in to leading some 5.10s at Rumney this summer, but a combination of elbow tendinitis and ridiculously hot weather shut me down there, too. Oh well...the rock will still be there next year.

I'm hoping that the off-season will give a chance to rest and strengthen my elbow. Planning to get on CCK next season, and keep ticking off more 8's...Hopefully get some weekends in to Rumney and Seneca...Planning a trip to Red Rocks and setting my sights on Jubilant Song...and maybe get rid of these tendon issues! Here's to next year!!