Yes fall of 2010 was when I started climbing really seriously (after several previous temporary not-very-serious phases).

And climbing in the Gunks this year was so much fun in so many different ways -- leading easy routes with Sharon, TR hard routes, trying out Aid climbing, rope-solo leading, exploring non-guidebook sectors, and adding to my free-solo circuit.

Just wish there had been _more_ of each thing. Main problem was Rain. Too many free days lost or shortened.
* I keep trying new places nearby (PA, Dacks) and far away (France, Dolomites) and finding very fun + different climbing. I come back to the Gunks and it still seems great.

* easy/mod climbing (and down-climbing) in the Gunks is excellent training for alpine routes.

* I made so little progress in "working my up thru the grades" in trad Leading. Mainly from rain, also because esp in this Fall I got focused on raising my Following difficulty grade (to be compatible with partners + typical routes for trips), but also because the good easy climbs in the Gunks are really fun. So the gap between my Follow/TR grade and my trad Lead grade is getting embarrassing.

* I'm still not "really solid" on 10a. Sort of funny because lotsa years ago when I first tried rock-climbing non-seriously, we thought of 5.10 as like super-human. Nowadays in lots of climbing regions outside the Gunks, "real climbing begins at 10a" (or Euro 6a).
Anyway it seems funny that I can now be wondering and complaining that "Here I've been climbing more than two years and I _still_ can't follow on-sight any 10a that I try".

What's next?
Sorta thinking of cool dry winter weather with no snow yet as a good excuse for working on Aid climbing and adding to my solo circuit. And I'm thinking spring+summer next year in the Gunks more leading, perhaps more easy soloing as prep for alpine, less focus on raising difficulty.