Most of my fun in 2012 occurred away from the Gunks and it happened over several weeks in the summer when I went to Bozeman, Washington, and Squamish. Great friends, good routes, and $1 gin & tonics.

As for the Gunks, the only memorable new route that I climbed was Swing Time in the Nears. Onsighting the second pitch and then helping carry out Joe Szott's body from further down the cliff made for a strange day.

I'm at a point here where I've climbed everything that I'm really inspired to climb - most of my fun comes in repeating my favorite routes with my favorite partners (to protect the innocent, I'll leave their names out of this): Erect Direction, Son of Easy O, Graveyard Shift, High E, Interstice, Tough Shift, Mother's Day, Madame G's, Arrow, Three Doves, Never Never Land, Birdcage, Transcon, Welcome, Jaccuse, Spring/Winter link up, Star Action, Wasp. I'm so lucky to live here and have these routes punctuate my weeks and to have such easy access that is crucial given that I only have a few hours to rope up.