Leeward slopes, the opposite of windward. The snow deposits on the leeward side after blowing off the windward side. The lower portions of the Spurceton Trail will more than likely have a few thin spots due to wind, but not to worry. The upper sections should have plenty of snow. That said, Hunter Mtn Snowbowl rents snowshoes out to people, then allows them to take the lift to the top of the ski area, where they march en masse 9/10s of a mile to intersect the trail you'll be skiing on, be prepared for crowds of clueless individuals who will not have any idea what to do when you come sliding down the trail in their general direction. Or, the ski area patrons who will have also hiked out to ride down through the S-curves past the John Rob Leanto and then down towards the base of Hunter's West Side lifts, where they will attempt to re-enter the ski area without getting caught. Good luck and let us know how it all went.