The red blazed Huckleberry Trail off of the Hill Rd trail head to blue blazed Dry Brook Ridge has offered up the goods these past few days. A small number of crag rats, made the drive up to Margaretville for a 6.6 mile tour of the ridge. Great pow up top of this 3000'+ ridge line. The lower third of a mile is the skier's crux as the fast descent cuts through an old pine plantation. Some glade shots to be had on either side of the trail, but a few shallow rocks, logs and other surprises, prompted some face plants etc. Don't be discouraged by the apparent large number of snow shoe tracks close to the bottom, they all turn around before the ridge is gained.

Any more tours on this trail will require some more snow for that lower section, but the ridge had plenty of freshies and was a pleasant way to pass the day.

Edited by Rickster (01/04/13 11:27 PM)