This post is not meant to be about trolls and trolling, ultimately it is not even meant to be about me at all , I am sorry you got that impression. What I would like to know, what I am trying to think about, and what this post is really about is this:

Seriously, what do you [you guys] think about what would be the *Idea* of doing *The Right Thing* at that point? In other words, what would you have done? Would you be up for the challenge or would you bail … how would you asses the situation and how would you have dealt with the elements. If I did the wrong thing … what would you have done. Would you have been up on that ice? Now when I ask this question, I hope we are not going to talk about "It depends". I am not sure that real sentence anyway. If it depends, than I would ask what would it depend on. Perhaps you would say, I would not have gotten myself into that kind of a situation to begin with. Very well, suppose it was not possible to go back down for any number of reasons? What would you have done at the point that you came over the top of that ridge on not so OK ice, and then you found it was low angle. How would you have handled the situation from there? Could you handle that situation, or would you have just jumped up on that surf board and hoped for the best? These things can happen, can't they?, that things can start out nice and end up not so nice?

If the conclusion is to accept the rope, what is that all about?, how do you feel about that?, would you consider that a mistake there? I am Just making conversation, try not to get too bent out of shape.
The Mohonk Mountain House and the Mohonk Preserve have done a great job protecting the environment thus far, but ... it's all down hill from here