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So why is the video online?

Because it's gripping to watch. That's all. No lessons, no food for thought, no introspection.

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Incredible skill, do you have what it takes to live to die another day? This is a video of my recent ice trip in Colorado. After I realized I was on camera [Crap!] I went back and did it again, this time without the rope. I was able to dry tool it. Unfortunately the people were not very enthusiastic and did not care about shooting another shot----posting this shot instead, without my consent. Not very nice. "

what I was trying to do was sarcastically impersonate the climber in the video with some critical analysis. I thought it was obvious, who would boast about incredible skill while making a complete jackass out of themselves on line, but I guess there are people out there who just believe there are people who are inexperienced and proud of it, and that I was that man. Although I have never met anyone like that myself. Maybe there are people out there who wanted to believe that the man in the video finally had a voice. You can see from the first lines that the post is meant to be sarcastic,...

No, most couldn't, frankly because you don't have the writing ability to adequately convey that.