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Fotovult, this photo from a Brashears team. Big panorama, hi res, photo of the Khumbu valley looking directly up glacier past Pumori to the Lhotse South Face, Everest in the back left side. If you use the control panel you can zoom in and count the members of the various guided hordes ascending the face, climbers in the Khumbu Ice Fall and if you rotate around behind the camera location you can get another close view of some type of permanent structure complex on a moraine. You can even count the tents in Base Camp. Extrordinary photo.


Pretty awesome exposure and great stitch. I looked into a gigapan rig for a job, unfortunately didn't pan out but would be a sweet toy to add to the arsenal.

These guys know their stuff, working with programming to account for exposure changes over time down to the 1000th of a second to keep an even exposure over the whole image. Some of these gigapans are thousands of images stitched, pretty wild stuff.