I'm not sure what reason you are hinting at, but I guess I disagree that I have it. If you are insinuating that I may personally dislike you or something - I don't really know you but you've seemed alright online (even if prone to ranting).

I thought the thread was about ethics of the situation and I didn't see your plan of action to be ethically superior to the actions of the folks leaving gear. The whole premise of the thread seemed overblown. Your posturing as someone out to enforce the ethics of the area while sneaking back later and possibly breaking some rules (widely disregarded or otherwise) did not line up in my head.

If you were really up for returning gear to its owners, why not ask the group you suspected might have been the owners?

It all just sort of rubbed me the wrong way, so why not discuss it in the forum? Risk of bumping one of the other active threads out of sight? wink Wasn't this thread to stir debate and piss people off?

And about those rules - I said I wasn't positive on them.

I knew there was a switch on parking enforcement but wasn't sure when. I'm pretty certain I had friends getting parking notices (if not actual tickets) about the 30 minute limit in Spring 2009. A quick search shows a thread here only a few days after your original post complaining about ticketing at the overlook lot. I even found a post in 2006 saying that parking in the overlook lot all day was annoying Gardiner residents.

And yes, I knew that if there was a rule about closing at dark it was clearly not strictly enforced. I've even been on the property after sunset. On these occasions I was finishing up my day though, not heading in to teach someone else about other "consensus" rules.