I have some trouble leading roofs/overhangs. (To be honest, mostly what I lead are overhangs).
Even in the gym, approaching an overhang I start to psych myself out, start slowing down, losing confidence.

I am 6'1" and often feel like my center of gravity is about forty feet from my hands.
A few of the overhangs that don't give me trouble..1st pitch of Modern Times, 2nd pitch of Stop the Presses Mr. Williams. Overhangs that do give me trouble...No Picnic, 3rd pitch of Maria, 1st pitch Tequila Mockingbird, 2nd pitch Drunkards Delight...I could go on indefinitely.

My question is: Any suggestions or strategies for getting better at roofs/overhangs? Anyone else struggled and overcome?

Any and all help appreciated. Thanks!