Does Rock and Snow carry the Totem Cams? They sound good.

As far as Aliens vs. C3's:

I like the aliens because the four cams keep them from walking, especially in horizontals. Also I seem to find a lot of booty C3's and not as many aliens. I think the C3's get stuck easier due to the walking issue. On the C3's defense they do fit in places that the aliens don't.

I now carry the three smallest C3's and aliens to red and if it's a scary route I haven't been on before I also carry the blue/black, blue/green, and green yellow hybrid aliens. It may sound like overkill but by racking the overlap sizes on the back of my harness they don't take up much space and don't weigh much. I think one of my greatest fears in climbing comes from getting run-out and then not having the right gear for the one crack that presents itself.

Sounds like I will now have to start carrying a set of totems too!